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Hello!  My name is Beverly Little and welcome to my blog, “Traffic To Affiliate”.  This full featured WordPress blog is part of the great tools you will receive upon joining Build a Biz Online.  Enjoy this site’s articles, recommended targeted traffic tools and money making affiliate marketing programs.  I live in the United States and graduated from Northwestern University (Go Cats).

I Love Finding Targeted Traffic…

My initial career choice was Human Resources which I really loved.  It was my job to target the right person for a specific job.  Thus, I discovered a natural transition into internet marketing, which requires combining the right targeted traffic who will invest into the right affiliate marketing programs.   Subsequently, I love finding targeted traffic that converts.  Currently, I am semi-retired.  I am now an Amway Independent Business Owner specializing in luxury skin care, nutrition, air and water purification system.

I Love Affiliate Marketing Programs…

While surfing, I also discovered a love for affiliate marketing programs that generate residual income.  My goal is to build an internet marketing empire, focusing on state of art targeted traffic tools and affiliate marketing programs.

And I Love Having Fun!

I enjoy reading, various forms of music and watching old classical movies.  I love cooking, fashion shopping and surfing too!

Have a great day and Enjoy The Best In Life


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